Keolis is a global leader in autonomous vehicles. At the end of 2019, Keolis drove more than 94,000 autonomous kilometres in over 35 places all over the world and these driverless shuttles have already transported more than 189,000 passengers. Several successful projects have already been trialled in Belgium too, with driverless buses operating in Han-sur-Lesse and Waterloo.


Meanwhile, the third generation (GEN 3) of autonomous vehicles are now in operation. These are fitted with even more powerful sensors, enabling them to drive fully autonomously without an operator on board. Thanks to the software, the vehicles can drive themselves from point A to point B as well as recognise all unforeseen obstacles.


The autonomous vehicles are 100% electric and accessible for people with reduced mobility and are regularly used on university campuses (e.g. Rennes, France), as the first and last mile solution to supplement the existing public network (e.g. Newcastle, Australia), or as a shuttle service between parking and tourist attractions (e.g. Monaco, France).


Our know-how extends further than merely using autonomous vehicles. We customise all our services, roll out the project in each location, deploy the vehicles and perform the technical maintenance of the fleet. All this is managed by our own monitoring centre.


Thanks to our international experience, we can continue to improve our services. In response to a survey among users of these autonomous vehicles, 90% said that they would use the shuttle again in the future. The buses were given a satisfaction rating of at least 98%. 99% of the users also said that they felt comfortable in an autonomous vehicle. Finally, the vast majority say that this is a future-oriented technology.

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