The New Mobility Roadshow opens in Bruges


The Keolis New Mobility Roadshow kicked off today at the Zand square in Bruges, with Keolis  presenting its mobility solutions of the future. Keolis will visit the 15 transport regions of Flanders in the coming months. The transport region of Bruges was first on the list, and on Tuesday and Wednesday came the turn of Ostend and Westhoek respectively.

The Databuzz made a striking appearance on the Zand, with the ultra-modern bus stationed in the shade of the Bruges concert hall. The Databuzz hosted invited guests from the municipalities of the Bruges transport region and Keolis presented various mobility concepts and ideas. Abstract concepts such as shared mobility and transport on demand were given a visually concrete expression.

On the Databuzz, visitors can discover more about transport and mobility in an interactive and personal manner. The touchscreens enable visitors to zoom in on whatever really interests them. A shared rental bike parked outside for everyone to try out made for an enjoyable extra feature.

Vincent Traen, Business Development Manager of Keolis Belgium, explains the purpose of the Roadshow: “We want to show what’s possible in terms of mobility. Every region has its challenges, and Keolis has the solutions! But we give more than just solutions…we also provide ideas to local mobility experts.”

In addition to mobility concepts such as demand-driven transport, Keolis is also providing more information about the various types of vehicles which it’s working on: CNG, electric transport, and autonomous shuttles. Xavier Vandendriessche, Project Manager New Mobility, believes in the future of these alternative forms of mobility: “Keolis is making major steps towards alternative mobility. In the future, the importance of diesel – which is one of the cleanest fuels thanks to the EURO6 engines – will decrease, and the share of vehicles running on CNG, electricity and later also hydrogen will increase.”

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the Databuzz will visit Ostend and Veurne. The 12 other Flemish transport regions will follow later. Safety measures will of course be implemented for as long as required, with obligatory masks, disinfectant gel and disinfection of the vehicle.

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