Safe bustrip with full capacity


Safe travel with Keolis and a mouth mask and other safety measures

People’s travel behaviour has changed completely since March 13th 2020. Travelling was discouraged and trips were cancelled en masse. Last summer we were allowed to move around a bit more and we got our freedom back a bit. More people than ever left in their own cars for France, Germany, the Netherlands or went looking for the best places in our own country for a well-deserved leave. Unfortunately, week after week this also led to miles of traffic jams.

For those who travelled by bus, however, this was not a problem at all, because those who travel by bus have no traffic stress and travel carefree as soon as they get on. The journey starts as soon as the bus is loaded and everyone has boarded and only ends when everyone has been safely dropped off at home. In between you can enjoy our quality service!

Safe and secure? Definitely! Also in corona times? Maybe even more! With a bus at full capacity? Of course! After all, it is perfectly safe to travel on our modern coaches. They are fully disinfected before each journey, our driver and all passengers wear a mouth mask during the entire journey and we ventilate our vehicles regularly.

Thanks to these measures, we guarantee 100% clean and safe transport.

Moreover, there is no risk of losing your money in the event of cancellation. You still don’t pay an advance and you can cancel before 12 o’clock the day before completely free of charge! So there is no reason to postpone your trip!

Book your coach now and provide your class or association with some distractions in these strange times. Go on an excursion and visit the most beautiful attractions nearby.

Venture out! We are here to transport you!

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